Bệnh không lây NCD (Ebook)

Các ebook báo cáo, hướng dẫn, nghiên cứu... về các bệnh không lây

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#. Tiêu đề của danh mục Tác giả Số truy cập
1 Avoiding heart attacks and strokes: Don't be a victim, protect yourself WHO 672
2 Prevention of cardiovascular disease: Guideline for assessment and management of cardiovascular risk WHO 691
3 WHO/ISH cardiovascular risk prediction charts WHO/ISH 815
4 Assessing mental health and psychosocial needs and resources WHO and UNHCR 634
5 Dementia: a public health priority World Health Organization and Alzheimer’s Disease International 671
6 WHO QualityRights Tool Kit WHO 673
7 Public health action for the prevention of suicide WHO 697
8 From burden to "best buys": Reducing the economic impact of NCDs in low- and middle-income countries WHO 637
9 Scaling up action against noncommunicable diseases: How much will it cost? WHO 629
10 A global brief on hypertension - Tóm tắt về bệnh tăng huyết áp toàn cầu WHO 739
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